Judge: Terry Whitworth (LRAS Honorary President)

Terry Whitworth has been the Lyme Regis Art Society’s Honorary President since 1990 and has taken an active interest in the society all this time. This year he was invited to judge our entries at the Malthouse, Lyme Regis, our first face-to-face event since the start of the pandemic.

Judge’s Prize Winners:

‘Jaunty Cobb’ by John Ombler

Terry Whitworth with his 1st Prize choice by John Ombler

“This painting is guaranteed to bring a smile to the face of the viewer. On the one hand, it is a wonderful study of the Cobb buildings, accurate in all its detail and rich in colour and tone, but the whole image is charged with a subtle sense of humour and a quirky distortion. It’s definitely not just another bland representation of this popular subject. The addition of lots of people and characters draw the viewer further into the painting. Very impressive and aptly named.” Terry

‘Rooves’ by Val Corgan

2nd Prize by Val Corgan

“The abstract use of watercolour paint is hugely successful, with just the suggestion of a few rooves giving some sense to the whole painting. The colours are consistently rich and dramatic with no ‘weak’ areas, and the artist has avoided adding any unnecessary detail to the buildings and therefore preserves the wonderful abstract qualities, first and foremost. A lovely piece of work Val.” Terry

‘Sapphire Blue’ by Jan Charlesworth

3rd Prize by Jan Charlesworth

“The variety of colour and texture in this piece of work is quite stunning. Abstract, but bursting with energy and movement. There is a hint of a sea creature about it but certainly no fussy literal clues. The tiny beads just begin to hint at some warmer colours and really come to life under the spotlights. Such a confident and intriguing result.” Terry

Judge’s Commendations:

The following entries have received a ‘special mention’ from the Judge:

‘Sea King’ by Jessica Easter

‘Cuttlefish’ by Janet Clayton

‘Blue Coffee Cups’ by Sue Hodgetts

‘Dorset Hills’ by Ros Hipkiss

‘Dorset Coast’ by Val Ravenhill

‘Midnight Sargasso’ by Anne Cater

‘Crab Apples’ by Sue Wells

‘Wild & Wonderful Lyme’ by Jacquie Coppard

‘New Beginnings’ by Philippa Salter

‘Amaryllis II’ by Sheila Stratton

‘Sunny Dorset’ by Vivienne Graham

‘October Finds’ by Marian Ward

‘Lyme Afternoon’ by Sally Goolden

Anne Cater
Jacquie Coppard
Janet Clayton
Jessica Easter
Ros Hipkiss
Sheila Stratton
Sue Hodgetts
Val Ravenhill
Marian Ward
Philippa Salter
Sally Goolden
Sue Wells
Vivienne Graham

Congratulations to all the Prize Winners and Commended Artists!

Please pop along to the Malthouse – open every day between 10:30-4:30pm every day until (and including) Tuesday 8th June – to see all the entries on display.