Christine Allison drawing workshop

Join artist and author, Christine Allison for an experimental drawing workshop where we will explore the underlying ‘formal elements’ used in all art – line, tone, pattern, colour, texture, form, composition and mark-making.

We will experiment with these formal elements in a relaxed and non-formal way. So whether you are a budding artist or an intermediate artist you will learn how these important elements can be consciously used to improve your work.

Bring along paper or a sketchbook and any of these materials you have in your kit – hard and soft pencils, a biro type pen, a ‘Pilot’ type pen, water-soluble crayons, a smallish brush and your enthusiasm!

Don’t worry if you haven’t got all of these, as Christine will bring spares to share and use.

See examples of Christine’s work at

The workshop will be held at Woodmead Halls, Hill Road, Lyme Regis DT7 3PG from 10am to 1pm and costs £17. To book your place, please contact Pat Dench Telephone 01297 445070.