On Tuesday, Society members enjoyed a demonstration of oil painting by talented artist Geoff Storer.

Born in Walsall in the Midlands Geoff‘s talent was obvious at school and he became a technical illustrator. This careful attention to detail and accuracy could be seen in the watercolour portraits that were passed around during the demo.

Geoff always uses the best paints he can afford and started by laying in an underpainting of the stormy sea scene he was planning. Inspired by a stormy day on the beach by Hengist Head near Bournemouth, he used a mix of Prussian blue, Payne’s grey and Zinc White for the leaden sky adding lighter tones with Alizarin Crimson and white whilst Naples Yellow, brown and Yellow Ochre brought colour to the beach,

He used turps to wash brushes but liquin to mix the paints. He had made a low wooden bridge that spanned the canvas so he could reach over wet paint to put in details.

After the tea break the top layer added depth to the painting with foreground details gave life to the picture. He had brought in a finished version so we could really appreciate the effect of all the final touches.

Lyme Regis Art Society meets fortnightly between September and March. Our next meeting is on November 5 when Kit Glaiser demonstrates landscape painting with watercolours.

For further details, please contact us by email: info@lymeregisartssociety.org.uk