Hilary Buckley

“St. Catherine’s Chapel and the Fleet”

This month’s featured artist, Hilary Buckley, has been an active member of Lyme Regis Art Society for many years. She was a keen participant in Lyme Regis ArtsFest, and regularly exhibits at the Town Mill and Symondsbury Galleries. 

Hilary Buckley

Hilary grew up in an artistic family. Her brother studied Fine Art at Durham, whilst her mother took up painting in her 50’s. Hilary enjoyed art at school. However, her story typifies the challenge many of us face trying to combine artistic interest and ability with career and family.

“When my daughters were small, I went to various evening classes, such as painting and pottery. However, life took over and I did not seem to have the time or space to paint for many years.”

It was the move to Lyme Regis in 2007 which rekindled her interest in painting. Hilary joined the U3A ‘Painting Together’ group, experimenting with different techniques and media. She gained confidence by attending different art classes. Although she has no formal graphic training, Hilary has discovered a distinctive graphic style – a reflection of her love of Art Deco.

“In 2010, I had some of my images printed as greetings cards. These were very successful and I started attending local fairs and markets, selling cards, mounted prints and other merchandise.’

“Bell Cliff, Lyme Regis” by Hilary Buckley

During her art career, Hilary has embraced many different styles and media, Recently she has concentrated on acrylic on board and canvas.

“I enjoy creating the Dorset countryside with collage. I start by pasting on scraps of magazines, newspaper, coloured paper or even potato prints and then add acrylic to define the image. You are never quite sure how it will turn out, which is fun.”

“Glimpse of Golden Cap from Lyme Regis” by Hilary Buckley

Hilary encourages newcomers to connect with other artists by joining a local art class. Demonstrations at the local art society inspire and encourage you to take part in local exhibitions.  Her advice to anyone new to painting is simple – have a go.

“It doesn’t matter if you make mistakes. You can always create another painting from a piece that didn’t work out. Don’t be afraid of using colour. Experiment! You don’t have to be ‘realistic.’”

The range of Hilary’s work can be viewed on:

Website:  dorset-artist.uk

Facebook: facebook.com/DorsetArtist

Instagram: instagram.com/hilarydorsetartist

Hilary was interviewed by Sheila Stratton