1st place – Janet Clayton

Congratulations to Janet Clayton for being the overall winner of the Members’ Vote with her coloured pencil picture ‘Baby Orangutan’.

Comments from members include:

  • Captures both perfect detail and fragility.
  • Excellent detailed drawing, capturing the character.
  • Unbelievably life-like. Such skill with medium.
  • Captures look and feeling. Detail good.
  • I kept coming back to this drawing. It has everything for me – great technical ability, strong emotion and  good story telling. 

"Escape From Lockdown"

2nd place goes to Janet Jacobs with her 3D textile and mixed media model ‘Escape from Lockdown’.

Comments include:

  • Loved the composition and joy.
  • Very topical, captures the spirit of lockdown.
  • Made me smile.
  • Lively and original – I would love to see it face to face!

Joint 3rd place goes to Vivienne Graham with her oil painting ‘Memories’.


  • Imaginative, made me smile.
  • Eye catching and different, evocative and with depth and meaning. A painting to live with as you you would always stop and look into the far distance and think of your own memories.
  • Diana to a “T”.

Joint 3rd also goes to Cynthia Studden with her oil painting ‘Monmouth Beach’.


  • Just loved the colours used. 
  • Atmospheric, nostalgic.

Thank you to all our members who took place in the voting and for all the brilliant comments – your participation has been much appreciated!