Venue: Pavillion Shelters, Marine Parade, Lyme Regis

Date: Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th July [10am – 4pm]

Closing date/Handing in date: Saturday 17th July
Please deliver to Sheila Stratton, Sue Wells or Sue Unwin (addresses details on email sent 10th June)

– a message from Terry Whitworth

“We are surrounded, of course, by amazing vistas, big landscapes and seascapes and beautiful and varied towns and villages. All great subject matter for a painter.
However, sometimes the most fascinating subjects are in the details of the things that are around us. Places that are easily missed. They could include small clumps of wild flowers growing out of ancient stone walls, small rusting industrial details from a past era being gradually reclaimed by nature … or small ‘abandoned’ parts of our garden which are taking on a natural but unexpected beauty. These small, ‘hidden gems’ are everywhere.
The LRAS Challenge for June/July, is to first spend a bit of time looking for these special areas that hold a special fascination for you. They should be places that already exist, quite small in area and not ‘composed’ or manipulated by you.
Then produce a 25cm x 25cm square painting, in any medium and style, on paper, canvas sheet, card, or thin board, to try to show the beauty of this unique subject.
Best of luck, and I look forward to seeing the results!”
Terry Whitworth
President of LRAS


All entries will be displayed in the Pavilions on Marine Parade, Lyme Regis over the weekend of 24th/25th July during RNLI week. Terry will be judging and selecting a winner. 

The size must be 25cm x 25cm – without a mount or frame – to be displayed in a transparent pocket, which will be provided.
The thickness of piece needs to fit into a transparent pocket, unless it is a box canvas.
Box canvasses can be used (no hanging strings are needed).

Sale Price
If the artist permits, the paintings will be for sale, with 20% of the sale price in aid of the RNLI. The artist is to set the price for their entry. (Previously this was set at £20 for all RNLI Exhibition mounted paintings, but this year it is to be set by the artist.)

Please put a label on the back with your Title, Name and Contact Number.
Please state its price, or if not for sale, please state NFS.

Handing in
Closing date for handing in: Saturday 17th July 2021

Please hand in to: 
Sheila Stratton –  Lyme Regis 
Sue Unwin – Bridport 
Sue Wells – Lyme Regis