Judge: Hannah Twine

“The work is really excellent and all so varied in theme and medium… what a brilliant exhibition.”


Judge’s Prize Winners:

‘Sailing in Lyme’ by Pat Campbell
“The ‘sea sparkle’ effect she has created in watercolour is fantastic and you feel as though you are bobbing in the sea.”

‘Lion’ by Graham Austin
“I loved the way the lion filled the background, the different lengths of fur and dramatic light with simple shadow.”

‘East of Eype’ by Ros Hipkiss
“Lovely abstract landscape with great sense of distance & balance.”

Judge’s Commendations:

So many of the artworks caught my eye – but I would like to offer commendations to the following – 

‘Golden Cap’ by John Ombler – fantastic landscape painting, you really feel like you are walking along the path in the field.  Colours & brushwork are very good.

‘Escape from Lockdown’ by Janet Jacobs – very clever use of materials & very animated… such a relevant subject!

‘Cows Grazing’ by Jo Cursley – the cows are all moving differently (just as they do) and the colours used to depict the light on them is artistic and colourful… it feels like high summer.

‘Scandinavia’ by Sheila Stratton – the patterns and form of the ceramics are captured so well in pencil, with great colour & balance.

‘All Ship Shape’ by Jacqui Coppard – very uplifting and great use of complimentary colours.

‘Memories’ by Vivienne Graham really caught my eye – it was fun and yet really thought provoking… this would make a great card.

‘Raspberry Boats’ by Sue Hodgetts – this was a great abstract and I could really envisage this in a gallery. The simple colours, shapes and use of line are really good.

‘Warhorse’ by Irene Usher was intricate and well rendered, it reminded me of the stage show and how life like the puppets are.

The still life paintings were all fantastic in their own ways and the animal subjects were all brilliant.

“Thank you for asking me to do this, it was a great pleasure, although much harder than I anticipated.  The society is so diverse and talented… every piece had qualities worthy of winning prizes.”